• Stan is a broad, barrel-shaped 8ft. core with enormously long, multi-jointed limbs. He speaks Aklo to Vania, who explains where we came from; Stan is particularly interested at the mention of Poseidon. He tests the non-Aklo speakers by having them explain the story in English.
  • Cavill and Phlox aim the ship’s weapons at Stan, but Ruth and Vania tell them to stand down; Stan agrees to lower his weapon.
  • Stan recognizes Jack as an ancient radio personality. He recognizes Alder’s name as “the Light of Kan Town” and has her demonstrate her healing. He had not heard of Ruth’s Daedalus mission.
  • Stan offers us a Lil’ PIP 3000 with a limited map of the area and directs us to meet up with him at a nearby hot springs. He informs us that the environment is fairly inhospitable and warns us about the Atomac Knights to the south.
  • We inform those on the ship about Stan, and Or’ree recognizes his species as one from scary stories, but doesn’t indicate that he knows of Stan or has ever met a yeti. Lopez is told about Stan’s hostility to Seshayans as a precaution.
  • We build a balloon suit for keeping Or’ree heated, and Vania forages food to supplement our remaining rations.
  • In the first day, we cover roughly 4 out of 15 miles. Vania and P0P1 range ahead to forage. Earl carries Or’ree while Ruth provides the electricity to heat the suit.
  • In the middle of the night, we wake up to the sound of an approaching avalanche. Or’ree grabs his suit and Earl gives him Resist Elements so he can fly away. P0P1 pulls Ruth toward a tree and braces her against it while she projects a deflection field around them. Alder hides behind another tree and pushes Earl up into it, who then uses nanotech to strengthen the tree. Vania pulls Jack to take shelter under a small ridge.
  • Earl is the only one above the surface and sees a group of large humanoids approaching from the south, the direction of the avalanche, in toboggans pulled by enormous misshapen creatures with a mess of limbs and human heads.