The gang enters the vault, and slaver ghosts are noticed but unrecognized; so they slip by.

The gang fights two robots.

The gang moves further into the vault and sees the stasis pods sparking, but don't realize that the ghosts are breaking them.

The gang fights the ghosts and defeats them (probably temporarily). The gang discovers that one of the vault dwellers was already dead and one died from the ghost attack. The remaining dwellers are moved to the transport vehicle.

Real Idith dies after unhooking herself from life support.

  • Idith opens the vault door, which triggers a metal walkway to extend over a moat-like trench
  • Once we go past the antechamber, the atmosphere is different but not unbreathable
  • The vault contains hints of nanotechnology: inactive, as if shed from a creature with active nanotechnology fairly recently; and the door shows signs of having been opened sometime within the past several years
  • Idith attempts to use computer terminal but is locked out by someone using overseer credentials
  • The competing overseer sends out Protectrons, which Idith can command but not maintain control of
  • We find pods, some of which have metallic noises and sparks coming off them, including one with wires and tubes connecting it to the overseer’s office
  • Ghostly forms of Krieger, Marta, and Parker (Kevin) attack the team and damage the pods
  • Earl’s psychological warfare against Kevin activates, causing Kevin to fall prone and take a coup de grace
  • The creatures have the effect of ghoul energy and, after being destroyed, re-form and combine
  • The combined, Krieger-controlled creature says, “Grandmother says hello,” and that it can’t kill us but can ruin our day, and unleashes a massive negative energy effect
  • Idith’s human form emerges from her pod and shoots Krieger with a plasma rifle
  • Idith redirects power from the pods to electrocute Krieger, destroying its form
  • Idith’s human form explains that she attempted to upload her consciousness into the Securitron, but when she remained conscious in her body, she thought that she had failed; the face used on Securitron!Idith’s screen is that of her daughter, Deborah, who was the vault’s chief technician and was killed in the accident that damaged the air filtration system; Idith has used the pod’s suspended animation capability to keep herself awake and monitoring the pods’ systems for 5 years, and chooses to let her body die from the damage it has suffered instead of attempting the journey to Freehaven