"Hi! I'm Megan Peachtree. My friends call me Megan. My ex called me Meg; that's why he's my ex. Nobody calls me Peachy cuz that ain't keen—see what I did there? Wink!" :D

Obvious Observations

  • Megan is at least 18 but less than 30. Probably. It's kinda hard to tell, really.
  • She keeps her red hair cut chin length and clipped in a top-knot to keep it out of her face.
  • Megan likes to talk but is clearly cognizant of when she is becoming annoying and moves on to talk to someone else. As such, she seems to spend the most time chatting (now) with Eye Eye Eye and the least time chatting with Earl.
  • [Game Mechanics: 18 Charisma]: Megan is attractive, sure, and more cute than sexy, but her charisma comes more from a cult of personality than outward appearance. You can easily imagine her being student council vice president in pre-bombed Earth.

Less-Obvious Observations

  • [Game Mechanics: 18 Intelligence & 15 Wisdom]: Megan presents herself as flighty and amusing, but it doesn't take long to realize she's actually wicked smart and pretty aware of her surroundings. It's pretty obvious observing her that she plays dumb to put people at ease, but it's clearly all part of her ability and obvious desire to manipulate people. In fact, it's probable she has manipulated you at some point, but you're not really sure when...
  • [Game Mechanics: 13 Constitution & 8 Strength]: Nobody is going to call Megan a brick, but she's tougher than she looks. Not only does she last longer hiking than you might expect, given her puny size, but in the fight with the mole-rats she took a lickin' and kept on tickin'.

Depictions of Megan

ComiPoMegan 002

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