• Randall secures unconscious sentient ghouls and chooses to execute feral ghouls
  • Wasps suffering from radiation, driven back to vault hub in cars (Mack and Earl) and Pon
  • Idith salvages handmade toys from burning toy shop
  • Examine mind-controlled ghouls from Roslyn: simpler version of curse on Davey, wears off on its own; incarcerate in 6.46
  • Morrigan speaks with Sarah about relationship
  • Idith learns pheromones from Morrigan
  • 2 days after Roslyn assault, Cascade Storms begin: clouds with blue lightning that hit the surface and create mushroom clouds and glass craters, last from autumn through spring, will not affect wildlife but seem to deliberately target caravans (including ghouls), unexpectedly low radiation level based on effects on Cle Elum River
  • Brena informs Othello of Kharisma’s actions
  • Morrigan is accepted by Othello because of her actions in Roslyn, her pariah status in human society, and her child-like person
  • Idith negotiates to sell toys through Othello storefront
  • Alder examines Kharisma’s experiments (research, ghoul transformation, and curses)
  • Establish 6.46 as Freehaven with trade agreement with Othello
  • 6.46 babies adopted by Davey (Traviotta), Sarah (Eugene), and Marcus, Nick, Alicia (Rowen)
  • Mack investigates 6.41, finds records of Vault 18 in Idaho with similar experiment, triggering Idith’s memory of her life in Vault 18
  • Take exosuits and Miss Daisy to scout Vault 18
  • Stopover at Othello, where Brena acts as mouthpiece but Skinny Earl is implicit authority, Phenom makes modifications to Miss Daisy’s weaponry
  • Attacked by convoy of King Cobra raiders: 3 light cars and siege tower
Willie Nelson - On The Road Again

Willie Nelson - On The Road Again