• We scout out the super mutant camp: located approximately 2 miles west of the road running north-south along the mountains, it was originally a separatist compound, comprising a network of caves with a pre-war bunker
  • Back in Freehaven, Megan puts Morrigan in charge of outsider relations (delegate: Marcus and Eugenia), Mac in charge of trade and supply (delegates: Petra and Robert), Alder in charge of medical treatment and nanotech-related decisions (delegates: Nurse Gutsy and Harvey Fogle), Idith in charge of vault technology and relations (delegates: Sarah McKinsey and Dave), Walker in charge of law and security (delegates: Jera and Sierra), Earl in charge of public works (delegates: Ferrier and Shovelface)
  • Jack agrees to take over the bunker once we can put together a militia
  • Idith works with Dr. McKinsey to select plants that her vault dwellers can breed using hydroponics in Vault 6.41
  • Earl works with Ferrier and Shovelface to build plumbing system
  • Morrigan has Marcus start building radio tower for Lady Kreis’s radio show
  • Dahlia is a scientologist and keeps trying to recruit Morrigan
  • Idith is told about cyborg that was found amid rubble in Vault 6.48; it doesn’t contain any organic material but clearly looks like a human with physical idiosyncrasies
  • Idith activates the cyborg, and when it is moved to a hospital bed, which it consumes to create the rest of its body and a vault jumpsuit that says 6.24